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Bucklin Masonic Cemetery

     The Bucklin Masonic Cemetery is a tranquil and idyllic resting place situated in the rolling green hills of Missouri. The cemetery is surrounded by gently undulating hills that are covered in verdant grass, which create a sense of peacefulness and serenity. While the site does have some shade trees, it is predominantly open and uncluttered, allowing visitors to take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The site's open and airy feel, combined with its picturesque surroundings, create a serene atmosphere that is perfect for contemplation and reflection. Visitors to the Bucklin Masonic Cemetery can enjoy a moment of respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life and take in the tranquility of this beautiful and peaceful setting.
   The Bucklin Masonic Cemetery relies on the generosity of donations from the community to help preserve and maintain the cemetery grounds and its historic monuments. Contributions are used to fund ongoing restoration projects, repair and maintain existing structures, and provide for general upkeep of the cemetery.  Donations can be made using the PayPal option at the top of this page, given to the city clerk at Bucklin City Hall, or left in the dropbox in front of City Hall.
     For those looking for a final resting place for themselves or their loved ones, the Bucklin Masonic Cemetery offers the option to purchase a burial lot. Buying a lot ensures that a designated plot of land within the cemetery will be reserved for the interment of the individual or family members. The cemetery offers a variety of lot sizes and locations, including options for single plots, double-depth plots, and family plots. Purchasing a lot can provide peace of mind and assurance that loved ones will be buried in a place that is both respectful and well-maintained.  To inquire about the purchase of a burial lot, please contact City Hall.

Rules and Regulations

  • Ground decorations are permitted May 15 - June 15 and October 31-April 1.  Any decorations touching the ground will be removed and discarded if found outside of this allowed window of time.

  • Obstructions to regular ground care will be subject to discard by maintenance.

  • The interior of barriers constructed around stones are NOT to be maintained the ground care crew. This area should be maintained by the family of the deceased.

  • No trees are to be planted without approval of the Bucklin City Council.

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